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How She Got Her Name

Aquila is the constellation of the eagle.  It is a Latin word pronounced "uh-KWIL-uh", and that is how we say it.  However, most people, including the officials in every port we check into, call us "uh-KEY-la".   Aquila is a constellation in the Northern Hemisphere which looks like a great bird with its wings spanning the Milky Way.  The constellation is said to represent the eagle which, in classical Greek mythology, carried the thunderbolts of Zeus and was sent by him to carry the shepherd boy Ganymede to Mount Olympus where he became the wine-pourer for all the gods.  As a reward for its services, Zeus is said to have placed the eagle among the stars to eternally soar through the sky.

The eagle flies not only among the stars, but also on the Great Seal of the United States.  Several other birds were proposed as a national emblem for the US, but the powerful bald eagle was adopted.  The eagle was a natural choice because it's known for its strength, courage, and its lofty flight.

The following elements came together for us:
bulletThe symbolism and beauty of the eagle
bulletThe fact that Mike carried the eagle on his badge for 28 years
bulletOur love of the stars in the night sky
bulletThe mythology representing loyalty and service

Following is a diagram of the constellation Aquila.


Diagram of the eagle in the constellation Aquila.


Linda designed our logo with the eagle in flight on a triangle.  The triangle is symbolic of a sail.