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We had a GREAT crew for our trip from Marina del Rey, CA to Ensenada, Mexico, on January 16-17.  Thanks, guys, for helping us out!  Wish we would have had some wind so we could have sailed a bit more.   Unfortunately, we had to motor the entire distance.  Seas were calm and flat.

We failed to completely fill our water tanks before departing.  But no worries.  We have a water maker.  It was to be a good test of the new system.  Oops.  We couldn't get it going.  So we pulled into the Port of San Diego at about midnight to fill our water tanks before continuing on to Mexico.  Mike ran over something while we were in the harbor, which created a vibration in the boat.  Steve said sleeping in the forward berth became like "magic fingers massage" because of the vibration!  We were seriously concerned that we had damaged the prop.  When hauled out in Ensenada, we were relieved to discover that it was only a plastic bag tangled in the prop.  No damage done.  Whew.  We added a line slicer for the prop shaft to our work order.  If something like that ever happens again, the line slicer will chew it up for us like a garbage disposal.

Monica and Martha joined the pre-departure celebration.

All hands on deck: Linda, Mike, Bill, Steve, Robert, Dave.

Aquila getting hauled out at Baja Naval in Ensenada, Mexico.

Having lunch in Ensenada prior to returning to California.

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