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The month of February was spent in Key West, Florida.  We enjoyed a visit from Sean, Keni & granddaughter Kailyn.  It was great to get to spend some time with them, and see how much Kailyn has grown.  Kailyn is a happy, outgoing little girl and she kept us laughing a lot.  Our good friend, Ray, from San Diego also came down for a week.  The pictures below tell the stories for this update, so there is no Letter Home this month.  Well .... maybe just a couple of quick stories ...

We learned to get around using the bus system.  We're seniors here, so the bus fare is only 50 cents.  One of the things on our "to-do" list was to get haircuts.  We took the bus to the shopping center and found a walk-ins-welcome hair salon.  Mike went first.  It's a good thing Mike couldn't see me, because I was watching with my mouth hanging open and my eyes popping out.  When he was done, Mike had bangs cut straight across his forehead and an alfalfa sprout sticking straight up on the top of his head!  I couldn't believe it!  Thankfully, a little gel and re-styling made it look fine.  I opted out and ended up paying a whole lot more at a real salon.

Another story under our "DOH!" category is when we were doing boat chores.  Mike was changing the oil in the engine and blew a fuse in the oil pump.  As he was leaving to walk down to West Marine to buy a new fuse, he noticed our stern was too close to the dock.  He called for me to come up and start the engine to motor forward while he secured our dock lines.  When the engine alarm sounded, we remembered that Mike had just drained the oil from the engine!  Man, we must be brain dead!  Thankfully, the engine wasn't hurt (that we know of).

Sean and Kailyn missed their connecting flight on the way here, it rained a couple of days during the kids visit, Mike had the flu for a couple of days, Kailyn was getting over a cold and ear infection, and Keni had cold symptoms.  Even with all that, everyone was in good spirits and we got to enjoy some fun activities.  We had a beautiful day sail, went to a "happy hour" turtle race and Sean got his raw oysters.  We also walked around old town, and spent the afternoon at a 'no top-no problem' beach.  Two women enjoyed the freedom of the topless beach.  One was 300 pounds and the other was 85 years old.

After sailing back to the marina, on our final night we walked to the Hogfish Bar and Grill for dinner, then played Mexican Train Dominoes.  We're looking forward to seeing the family again in April when we go home to visit.  (Hope you enjoyed your visit.  We loved having you here!)



We learned about a free Oscar's Street Party and arrived early to get a good seat (folding chairs on the street in front of the Tropic Cinema).  They set up a large projection screen and served hot dogs, popcorn and beer.  A local female impersonator (Chris Peterson) channeled Joan Rivers and put on a Red Carpet show before the Oscars were televised.  It was hilarious.  Ray actually won 2 of the prizes for answering trivia questions correctly.  I have pictures of him on the Red Carpet accepting his prizes from "Joan", but I thought the guys would enjoy seeing the picture posted below instead of looking at more pictures of Ray!  It was after midnight when we took the dinghy back to the boat on glassy water under a full moon.  Very nice.

A couple of nights later, we attended the premier of "Reefer Madness, The Musical" at the Waterfront Playhouse.  This Off-Broadway musical is described as a tongue-in-cheek look at the hysteria caused when clean-cut kids fall prey to the evil weed, based on the 1936 camp classic film.  It was so funny!  And so well done.  The acting, singing and dancing were great.  They had an opening night premier party after the show with an impressive buffet (including brownies, of course) where we met and mingled with some of the actors.

        Ray didn't do much while he was here.

It was a total blast having Ray visit and we hope he plans to join us again.  His sense of humor and enthusiasm for life make him a joy to be around. 


Following are more pictures around and about Key West.

           Until next month .. love to all.

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