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7 months in the marina was long enough!  Let's Go!

Lucy got used to walking off the boat on the passarelle.  She quickly learned to jump into the dinghy to go ashore.  She's adapted to the boat very well.  Sure-footed and fearless.

We enjoyed many day trips exploring different parts of the island with our good friends Sarah and Pip from s/v Roaring Girl. A number of restaurants took part in the initiative "Vetrina Toscana a tavola" (Tuscany Food Showcase).  Each day we selected a restaurant from our Itinerario del Gusto serving typical Tuscan and Isle of Elba food.  We were never disappointed!






Mike wanted me to put a caption on this picture that says "Lucy Holding Up The Leaning Tower of Pisa".   I told him that the picture speaks for itself and that a joke is not funny if you have to explain it.  But he wanted me to write it anyway.  Sigh.

Our website will probably morph into a goofy collection of "Life With Lucy" pictures.  Sorry.  We just love her.

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