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I just love the way the old people find a good spot to hangout in each town we visit.
We took a bus to Toirano, then walked up the hill to the tour the caves with stalagmites and stalactites, along with the remains of prehistoric bears and footprints of a Neanderthal man. Sanremo was our last stop on the coast of Italy before sailing a 20-hour passage to Corsica.
The beautiful clear water of Calvi! We took a train/bus through scenic central Corsica to Corte, hiked in the hills, and then enjoyed a good lunch with Pip and Sarah of s/v Roaring Girl.
This village can only be accessed by footpath or boat.  There are no roads.
We anchored here and explored the caves and lagoon in our dinghy.  The red rock cliffs are fantastic.
The actual city of Ajaccio is not in view.  It is behind that distant hill.  We took a bus part way, then walked to the point and climbed the hill to the tower (Tour de la Parata).


On a sad note, Linda's mother died on June 11 from a brain hemorrhage.  She was 85 years old.  Linda will return to California for the memorial service on July 10, while Mike stays with Lucy on the boat in Mahon, Menorca Island, Spain.  This picture was taken in December, the last time Linda saw her mom.


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