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Read about Antigua and Guadeloupe in our April Letter Home.

Lance, Kimberly and the grandkids joined us in Antigua for Spring break.

Lance enjoyed his hammock for awhile


It didn't take long for our little crew to get their sea legs!
We anchored in English Harbour for a couple of days.
We explored the ruins of the old fort.
At Shirley Heights you can see English Harbour as well as Falmouth Harbour.

We took a sunset hike to the top.

We ate a delicious dinner at the popular Trappa's Restaurant.
We sailed to reef-protected Nonsuch Bay and anchored at Green Island.
The Tamarind Restaurant had a pool and an internet connection.  We spent the whole day there!
Blake always wanted to drive the dinghy.  He got proficient enough to go without an adult.
The kids enjoy the pool at Jolly Harbour Marina before catching their plane home to California.
We return to Falmouth for the Classic Yacht Regatta before heading to Guadeloupe.
The island of Basse Terre, Guadeloupe is lush and mountainous with tropical rainforests.
We explored the island with our H49 friends, Alan and Joan, hiking through the rainforest to the waterfalls.  The next day we trekked into the clouds which cover the top of the volcano.  The sulfur smell was (choke) strong!
We drove the coastline and the mountain roads.  What a beautiful and fun experience!


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