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Read about these adventures in the San Blas Islands in our August 26, 2006 Letter Home.

We didn't get any pictures of the storm, but here is a picture of the crew when it was all over!  You must read this story in my letter home.

The next day, the weather was perfect as the boys took the dinghy for a spin.

The huts are crowded on Moremake Tupu Island, where we were required to go to the congreso hut to get permission from the chief to visit his islands.

Our jungle hike was a bit more than we bargained for!

Trail?  What trail?
After over an hour of slipping through the mud, we reached the "waterfall".  

Even if there wasn't really a waterfall, we enjoyed the cool, fresh water.

Alphonso brought his wife, baby daughter, nieces and nephews to Aquila for a picture.  I asked the Kuna children to smile, but they just looked at me.

You've got to read this story in my letter.  You just won't believe it.

Cruisers gather on "potluck island" for the weekly get-together and trash burning bonfire.

Blake throws branches on the fire.

Paige explores Potluck Island.

In the Lemon Cays, Paige peeks at the pig in the pen.

Garrett helps winch up the dinghy so Mike can dump out all the rain water.


The kids help hang out the laundry (wearing their Kuna headbands).

Everyone's on bow watch as we maneuver through the reefs.


Dinner, anyone?

Our multi-purpose kayak!
Now we're getting into the swing of it!
Look at that beach! It's perfect.
Kimberly and Lance enjoy quality time together.
Linda and Blake go snorkelling.

That's Aquila behind Mike, Paige, Kimberly, Blake and Garrett.

Waiting for the airplane on El Porvenir Island.


That's Aquila's mast in the background as the airplane takes off.

I just LOVE these faces!

Miss you like crazy!



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