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Read about these adventures in our September 30, 2006 letter home.

The marina we stayed at is isolated on a tip of the island.  We have to cross the bay in our dinghy to go to town.
Le Pirate restaurant lets us use their dinghy dock when we come to town to go shopping.
We toured a cocoa bean plantation where they had a playful ocelot.
We visited bird island, home of many exotic birds including these brown boobies and red-billed tropicbirds.
Many, many starfish covered the white sand beach.

We stopped for a drink at the Punto Caracol Resort $$.

Lunch was at a much more affordable restaurant at Bocas del Drago.

We took a fast water taxi on our trip to Changuinola.

We took a tourboat to Quebrada del Sal (Salt Creek) and ventured another jungle hike.
Unlike the howler and spider monkeys, these night monkeys are friendly and will eat right out of your hand!
The red frog is only found on Isla Bastimentos.  Nowhere else in the world.

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