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We cruised up the coast of Spain stopping in Fuengirola, Motril, Aguadulce, Garrucha, Cartegena, Torreviejo, and Greenwich.  Then we sailed to Ibiza and Mallorca in the Balearic Islands of the Mediterranean Sea.  See my letter home for August 2008 to read about our experiences.
We loved visiting the ports in Spain, and the sights were amazing.  But the marinas are expensive and we were eager to get to the islands where we could anchor. 

Ibiza and Mallorca are everything we hoped they would be!  So beautiful!  We have been here 3 weeks and plan to spend another month here before heading over to Barcelona for the winter. 

We spent several lovely days at the San Miguel anchorage, until a strong north swell got all the boats rocking and rolling. If the anchor slipped, we would crash on the rocks.  So we left and found a calm anchorage around the corner.

The photo album continues on the next page, as we sail to Mallorca! 

Photo Album continues .. click here.