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August 31, 2010 - I ran out of time to write a good letter.  I got the Photo Album finished and inserted a few comments here and there among the photos.  But we are sailing in a couple of hours and I need to be ready.  It will be about a 30 hour sail and I don't know if I'll have an internet connection when I get there.  So I'm uploading the website now, and maybe I'll write more later.  We are leaving Ibiza Island and sailing to Cartegena, Spain on the mainland.

I've just got to say that we had a fantastic month socializing with great friends.  And last month was extra special because I got to go home for a couple of weeks.  It was such fun to hang out with my daughter and see my grandkids.  They are all so darned precious.  I love their unique personalities and find them endlessly entertaining.

Frighteningly, another spot of basal cell carcinoma skin cancer was discovered on my leg.  I was able to have it removed by my doctor in California, but I had to find a doctor in Mallorca to remove the eleven stitches.  It healed well and everything is fine now.  But this is happening too often! 

And while I'm having this pity party, I might add that our computer crashed and the hard drive had to be reformatted, and Mike's wallet got stolen at the bus stop which launched me into hours and hours of frustrating phone calls with our bank and VISA card companies.

As for the boat, we had the refrigerator and the generator serviced and repaired.  And just today Mike finally got the water maker working again.  He was waiting until our guests departed, so he could get under the bunk to pull out the water maker.  Our world is good again!  Everything works!

Now, we're off to Cartegena, Spain!


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