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Read about our adventures in my February letter home.

It took us 8 days to sail from Florida to St. Thomas, USVI
After 3 days exploring St. Thomas, we sailed over to St. James Island and anchored at Christmas Cove
At anchor, we usually play a game of backgammon or cribbage.
In the British Virgin Islands, we spent several days with our friends Frank and Patti in their beautiful home on Tortola.
The views are incredible from the multiple decks on their 3 story home.
We had lots of fun with all their pets.
Frank and Patti spent a couple of days with us on Aquila.
We were planning to dive at Tobago, but the ocean conditions made it too dangerous that day.
Peter Island was calm and peaceful.

We saw this barracuda several times, including while we were snorkeling!

Each morning this man repeatedly cast his net, until he filled his bucket with the little herrings, anchovies or sardines (whatever they are).
We named our new dinghy Eagle Scout (Aquila is the constellation of the eagle). 

We hiked through the overgrowth to an abandoned house on Peter Island.

Of course, there was plenty of drinking and eating ...
... and partying!

Here we are at the Full Moon Party at Bomba Shack.  It was a wild place with panties hanging from the ceiling.

We met up with another couple on a Hylas 49 with a similar cruise plan!


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