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Read our short update in this month's letter home.

Our trip to Calif. was delayed by the blizzard that hit Denver.  We slept on the floor for 2 nights before getting out!
Home for the holidays with our loved ones!
Below, the grandkids entertain us with a jam session.

Linda's mom visits from Texas, and Mike's mom and sister visit from Arizona.
We celebrated Christmas 3 times!  Here we are at Lance's dad's house, Grandpa Lee and Grandma Linda, with friends and family.
Lunch with John, Bertha, Sal (with daughter Lilliana), and Jeff.

Mike went to the range to shoot with Ken, Jeff R. and Jeff V.  Mike came in last, but he only came in last by one second.  He doesn't think that's so bad since he hasn't shot in over two years and he's 10 years older than them!

Daryl and Melissa will come out to visit us in the Caribbean this Spring.

We're working on Russ to come and visit, too!

Simon and Sunita bought our house 2 years ago and immediately became part of our family!  We had dinner at our, I mean their, house.
Back in Ft. Lauderdale, we had Aquila hauled out for a new coat of bottom paint.
We went sailing a couple of times on Larry and Mary's new Hylas54, s/v Berkeley East.
Our Hylas family made our stay in Florida extra special.  We owe a lot of gratitude to this group of friends.


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