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Read about these adventures in the June 30, 2006 Letter Home.

The rainforest canopy tour was a blast on 11 zipline cables, some up to 100 feet high.
Linda and Judith get ready to zipline.

Linda gets acrobatic with assistance from our tour guide.

The Costa Rican blue morpho butterfly.

We hiked to the waterfall.

Aquila underway.

Aquila anchored at Bahia Huevos.


Lightning strikes behind Dreamweaver at Bahia Panama.

CLICK HERE to see a brief video of this storm.

Playa Panama after the storm.


Party on s/v Sukha.

Anton (Sukha), Mike, Geoff (guest on Dreamweaver), Fran, Patrick, Greta, Franny, Erin and Molly (Tesla), Judith and Rick (Dreamweaver).

M/v Tesla cruises with all the comforts of home!  It's a 63 foot Nordhaven.

S/v Sukha is our favorite party boat.  It's beautiful and there's room for everyone!  It's a Lagoon 440.

Dinner and movie at Restaurant Congrejo in Playa Panama.
Playa Potrero.

Playa Tamarindo.


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