May 2005

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We drove up from Ensenada to attend Mike's son Sean's graduation ceremony from the police academy on May 16.  A total of 35 police officers and sheriff's deputies graduated from the Orange County Sheriff's Academy after completing six months of intensive training.  Mike and Keni (Sean's wife) were invited on stage to perform the badge pinning part of the ceremony.  Sean reported for duty with the Pasadena Police Department the next morning.

Sean (far right) receives scholastic award for achieving the highest scores on all written tests during the six month academy 
Sean's Aunt Diane and Grandmother Eleanor drove in from Phoenix to attend the ceremony.  Also pictured, Sean with Kailyn and Keni.
During our visit home, we enjoyed a dinner party at Russ' beautiful new home in the Hollywood Hills.  I should have taken a picture of his fantastic view!
Here we are at the launch party for the La Vendimia Yacht Club in Ensenada.  Mike and I are "founding members", along with Bill and Linda from Creola and Gary and Jeannie from Bad Attitude.

The Mayor of Ensenada and his wife attended the launch party as honorary guests.

Mike waxes the hull to a mirror glaze.  It's a labor of love!

I took this picture of Cruiseport Marina while we were out in our dinghy, but all you can see is the huge cruise ship in the background. A cruise ship arrives every 2-3 days.

Bob and Linda (potential Hylas49 buyers) came down for a day of great sailing!  
Read about these adventures in my May 24 letter home.

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