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We rented a car and toured the island of St. Croix with our friends LaVonne and Daryll (s/v Temptation).
In the British Virgin Islands, we met up with our good friends Larry and Mary (s/v Berkeley East), Anton (s/v Sukha), and Frank and Patty (who live on the island).  It was great to see our old friends again!  We hung out together for several days.
We went to the Full Moon Party where Bomba brews his special mushroom tea and everyone gets high and let's loose.  I think it's all psychological (probably Lipton's Tea), but it gives all the tourists an excuse to act crazy.  I'm sure the locals are actually high, but it's not from the 'shroom tea.
It's Always Something!

Dirty fuel (purchased in Antigua we think) was giving us plenty of problems.  We had our tanks vacuumed and fuel filtered in Tortola.  Everything is running fine now.

We anchored for several days in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  We took a nice, long walk to Old San Juan and toured the ruins of El Morro Fort.  Ate some great Puerto Rican food at a sidewalk cafe in Old San Juan.
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