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We got to enjoy several days of touring Rome and socializing with our good friends who were berthed on the same dock with us in Ostia Lido.

"Altar of Augustan Peace" sculpted marble walls surround the altar built to celebrate Augustus's victory over Spain and Gaul and the peace it heralded was built in 13 BC.

Mike has made gelato a dietary staple.  Here he is corrupting our health conscious friends.

Natalia flew home to California.  Anton is solo sailing his new catamaran across the Atlantic to the Caribbean.  We sure miss them.  Safe voyage, Anton!

We rented a car and drove up the coast of the Italian Riviera to join our dear friends Mark and Darlene in Santa Margherita Ligure for several days.

Named for 5 tiny villages wedged into a series of coves between sheer cliffs.  Each village connected to the next by trails along the coast or ridge-top.

We drove to the east side of Italy and spent a couple of days in the romantic city of Venice.

Some of the gondolas had a tenor or accordionist along to entertain.

This piazza floods with several inches of water at high tide during the day.  It was bizarre.

Wow.  Venice takes it up a notch when it comes to lunchtime entertainment.

We continued on our road trip to Austria.  Vienna was wonderful.  Even City Hall looks like a cathedral!

We enjoyed a pipe-organ concert at this 18th Century church, one of Vienna's most beautiful and famous.

This is a picture of one of the many fantastic fountains.

We enjoyed this tour as it revealed the eras of the Imperial Monarchy like a Dateline exclusive.  Very interesting!

Driving on through Austria and Germany was so nice.  The scenery was absolutely beautiful.

We stayed in a little town outside of Munich.  So cute!

Mike's sole purpose for going to Munich was for the Octoberfest.  It was everything you might imagine!

This was taken in the morning before things really got going.  The drinking starts early!

Known as the Fairytale Castle.  Touring it was fantastic.  King Ludwig II was quite the romantic at heart.

We drove through the Austrian Alps after leaving Bavaria.  So, so beautiful.  We could drive like this forever.

We only spent one night in Florence and realize that we have to return for at least several days to see more of this lovely city.  We'll be back here this winter for sure!

Our little road trip is over.  Now it's work, work, work this month.  (See bandage on ankle? Found more skin cancer. sigh. Doesn't appear to be serious.  Will know more later.)

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