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Vesuvius (in the background) erupted in 79 AD and buried the city of Pompeii.  Excavation began in 1746.
The Borghese Museum in Rome has a superb private collection of sculptures and paintings.  It's amazing how Canova can make marble look so soft, right down to the creases in the mattress. Bernini's works with marble are fantastic.  His sculptures are practically alive.  Notice how Pluto's fingers press into the flesh of Proserpine's thigh.  He was 23 years old when he made this.  This sculpture is in the Borghese collection.

Mike confidently places his hand in the Mouth of Truth.  The jaws would snap shut over the hand of those who told lies, according to medieval tradition.

The marina is behind the breakwater, but still quite exposed to the sea.  When the weather kicks up, we get a lot of surge on the dock. I can't imagine entering the harbor in these conditions!



What a difference a day makes.

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