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We've been on the island of La Palma (in the Canary Islands) for 5 weeks.  Storms with gale force winds arrived a couple of weeks ago and more are on the way.  We've been getting hammered with rain, turbulence in the marina and winds gusting over 70 knots!  We can't leave until things improve.  In fact, we can hardly even get off the boat!  The floating docks are slats of wood that bounce and ripple in the swells.  It's like walking on one of those suspension bridges only without handholds.
If this picture had sound effects, you would hear the howling wind, the banging halyards, slapping canvas, groaning dock lines and the drumbeat of waves hitting the hull.
However, before all this nasty weather arrived, we enjoyed weeks of beautiful days and lots of exploring.

And we made some new friends.

Solo sailors Martyn, s/v Imagine (British flag) and Jim, s/v Orinoco (Canadian flag)
Robert (on the right), s/v Silver Harmony (British flag) and crew David invite us to dinner Shirlee and John, s/v Solstice (USA flag) show us the town following the Ruta de Tapas ... yumm!
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