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About 90 friends and family gathered on December 4, 2004, to bid Mike farewell.  Ray did a fabulous  job as the Master of Ceremony for this standing-room-only event.  

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Click here to listen to Ray singing "Let Him Go"

043.JPG (58389 bytes) Ray (our incredibly entertaining master of ceremonies) with Linda and Mike

 001.JPG (47086 bytes) Ray, Mike (jingling his bells)

 027.JPG (62262 bytes) Mike with cakes

 050.JPG (45672 bytes) Mike, Bill

 048.JPG (63014 bytes) Rick, Sandy, Linda, Mike

 017.JPG (59547 bytes) Larry, Sal, Barry, Rick

 046.JPG (62550 bytes) Mark, Linda, Darlene, Russ

 022.JPG (60403 bytes) Mike, Eric, Yelena

 035.JPG (80640 bytes)  Allen, Janet, Connie, Lew

039.JPG (72603 bytes) John, Liz, John, Tammy

 036.JPG (70727 bytes) Kimberly, Lance

 021.JPG (69201 bytes) Ken, Sheila, Diane, Sean, Eleanor, Keni

 033.JPG (79249 bytes) Jody, Murray, Yvonne, Diane, Mac

 006.JPG (65943 bytes) Tami, John, Bill, Allysson

 Royers (2).JPG (1133702 bytes) Lanny, Judy, Rhonda

Pineta-Holden.JPG (263047 bytes) Harry, Agnes, Barry, Bertha

 Geo & Jody (3).JPG (1023377 bytes) Marion, George, Jody, Murray

 026.JPG (69267 bytes) Mike, Cindy, Darren, Greg, Shannon, Alan, Latese

 013.JPG (61912 bytes) Shannon, Greg, Dave, Grace

 019.JPG (61298 bytes) Steve, Martha, Darlene, Mark

018.JPG (58214 bytes)  Ken, Jane

 034.JPG (79435 bytes) Linda, Lee

 020.JPG (57167 bytes) Ken, Gayel, JT, Ray, Joe

 028.JPG (75233 bytes) Harry, Agnes, Barry, Bertha, Sal, Mike, Rick, John, Ann

 029.JPG (68616 bytes) Kacey, John

 030.JPG (74843 bytes) BJ, Carolyn, Darlene

 007.JPG (50302 bytes) Karen, Chuck, Jeff

 031.JPG (73773 bytes) Ruben, Priscilla

 023.JPG (66131 bytes) Linda, Russ

 008.JPG (62349 bytes) Lew, Connie, Linda

009.JPG (57662 bytes)  Sue, Trina, Murray, Yvonne, Keith

011.JPG (56419 bytes)   Mike, Rhonda

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