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September/October 2011

Two fabulous months at home!  Yay!  It didn't take long to get settled in to our at-home routine.  Lucy and Ruby reunited without missing a beat.  Kimberly and Lance set up the coffee maker, Paige moved into her brothers' room and gave us her room, our favorite provisions were stocked in the pantry, and Mike was handed the TV remote.  After a long hot shower with lots of water pressure, hi-speed internet access, and surrounded by our loved ones, our world was complete.

Two months goes by so very quickly.  We had so many things that needed to be taken care of on our 'to do list', that our weekdays were busy with appointments and errands.  Our weekends were filled with family cookouts, grandkids sports, and fun time with friends.  We really didn't want to leave.

We got together with our old gang from our former neighborhood in Wood Ranch.  We all had such a good time at Mark and Meri's house, that we decided to plan another event.  Mac arranged for us to attend a taping of the Jay Leno show with a backstage tour.  Mark arranged for a limo to take us to the taping and dinner afterward.  Wow!  What a night!  It was fantastic.
Mike flew back to Deltaville 2 weeks before I did, so he could paint the bottom of the boat and do other maintenance work.  Lucy and I missed him a lot, but still dreaded leaving the kids and going back to that cold weather.  Mike told me that sometimes he had to crawl into bed because that was the only warm place in the boat with our limited heating capability.  My time quickly ran out and on Nov. 1 Lucy and I flew to Washington, DC where Mike picked us up and we drove down to the Deltaville Boatyard in the cold and rainy night.  At least we got to cuddle and keep each other warm!
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