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Click here to read this month's letter home.  These photos capture the final month of our summer vacation in California, and our return to the boat in Trinidad.

Each year, we take our kids out to celebrate our wedding anniversaries (which are only days apart).  This year we went to Castaways Restaurant overlooking the San Fernando Valley for a Sunday champagne brunch.
We enjoyed visiting with many of our friends, but most of our days were filled with family fun and the grandkids' sports.  They are all terrific little athletes!


At right, Kailyn has her first karate class.  The floor is blue and red.  The kids were told to run 'outside' of the blue area.  Half way through the warm up, the instructor hollered "Outside!" Kailyn turned and ran full speed out the front door of the building!!  After a few seconds of stunned silence, we all broke up laughing.


Once school was back in session, Mike often got the kids off to school or met them after school to walk home.  Linda was recuperating from knee surgery.  
On Oct. 10, we returned to Trinidad and Aquila.  We went to the Asa Wright Nature Center for a bird watching hike and a delicious buffet lunch.  We then took a river boat into the Caroni Swamp to see the Scarlet Ibis and Blue Heron at sunset.  It was quite beautiful.
On Oct. 28, we departed Trinidad and sailed to Grenada.  We'll spend a few days here before heading to Carriacou.


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