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Following are photos from some of our experiences this month.  Read all about these and other events in the Sept 1 letter home.

Mike with granddaughter Kailyn
Keni and Kailyn watching for dolphins.

There they are!

Anniversary dinner ride at Sunset Ranch
We had great views from the trail
Sean met us at the restaurant
Aquila at anchor in Pelican Bay at Santa Cruz Island while Linda hikes with Blake and Garrett. 

Mike demonstrates how to skip rocks on water.

Exploring in the dinghy is a favorite activity.

Kim and Paige share a funny moment.

Lance spears a sheephead.  Blake shows off his starfish.  Garrett finds a frog.
We had Twin Bay anchorage all to ourselves.
Flying the spinnaker on the way home (before Linda attempted to "off" Mike .. read about it in the Sept 1 letter home)
Mike's mom Eleanor and sister Diane come to visit from Arizona.  Mike is holding Kailyn while Keni took this photo.
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