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Read about these adventures and see additional photos that are inserted throughout the August 1 Letter Home.

Our trip to Catalina was great fun.  Blake sailed with us and loved every minute. IMG_0069 dolphins.JPG (677320 bytes) IMG_0134 Sunset.JPG (566233 bytes)
IMG_0103 dolphins.JPG (658829 bytes) IMG_0133 Blake.JPG (648959 bytes) IMG_0135 Blake.JPG (628206 bytes)
IMG_0155 Paige.JPG (1512554 bytes) IMG_0150 Flying Fish.JPG (856945 bytes) IMG_0158 Dinghy.JPG (945183 bytes)
Blake and Garrett on bow watch in Ventura Harbor IMG_0019 Bow Watch.JPG (811423 bytes)  
With Bill and Monica we flew the spinnaker for the first time since our maiden voyage in January.  It took us awhile to figure out where all the lines went.  We still had it wrong when these pictures were taken. IMG_0186 Bill and Monica Spinnaker July 24 2005.jpg (1507754 bytes) IMG_0187 Mike Linda Spinnaker.JPG (652795 bytes)
Hey!  I forgot to mention that Mike got a haircut!  All of his hair wouldn't stay in the ponytail, so he always wore a hat to keep his hair out of his face.  And because the bill on the hat blocked his view overhead, he was constantly bumping his head while in the boat down below.   He got tired of practically knocking himself out all the time.

IMG_0014_Ponytail.JPG (4858 bytes)

IMG_0027_haircut.JPG (5785 bytes)
Here are my birthday girls.  Paige on July 29 and Kimberly on July 30.  Add Linda and Marion and we've got 4 generations of mothers and daughters. IMG_0191 Bday Girls.JPG (656578 bytes) IMG_0215 Linda Mom Kim.JPG (781530 bytes)
Sweet little Kailyn at baptism in Boston, and at home with daddy's holster!  Kailyn's walking now at 11 months old. 2005-06-25_Kailyn's_Baptism011.JPG (54954 bytes) Kailyn-dreaming.jpg (293607 bytes)

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