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We arrived in Bristol, Rhode Island, at the beginning of July where we visited our good friends Mark and Darlene Frederick.  We stayed with them in their beautiful home for almost a week.  We were treated with concerts in the park, the Bristol Independence Day parade, a 4th of July cookout party, and lots of fried clams for Mike.  (Mark and Darlene, thanks for your fabulous hospitality.  Lucy says thanks for letting her stay with you, too.)
We rented a car and drove up to Quincy, MA, a suburb of Boston and Mike's hometown.  We enjoyed a visit with Mike's Auntie Cleta and Auntie Julia and his cousins Charlie and Gary.  Also got to see his best friend from high school, Jimmy Wilson and his wife, Cindy.  So glad we caught up with all of you!
Our dear friend Sue Burton invited us to use the mooring behind her vacation home in Swansea, MA.  She arrived (from Texas) with a couple of her girlfriends a few days later and we had the greatest time!  We spent a day on the water in Sue's 'go-fast' boat.  Went all the way to Jamestown and Newport, RI.  Then we had drinks and snacks on Aquila at the end of the day.
My sister Valarie and aunt Nola met us in Swansea (they also came out from Texas), then sailed with us to Martha's Vineyard, Cape Cod, and Nantucket.  Ten days flew by so quickly.  We all had a terrific time.  This is their second trip with us.  Last year they joined us in Italy.  Mike and I really enjoy having them on board and look forward to their next visit!
We got together with Mike's longtime friend from Boston, Mike Grady (also a retired agent) and his wife Ellen who spend their summers at their home on Cape Cod.  It was a lot of fun for the guys to reminisce about the days when they worked together.

Now it's just us and we are back at Martha's Vineyard.  We plan to sail to Cuttyhunk, then Block Island.  Within a week we will be back in New Jersey where Linda will stay on board while Mike attends a Retired Agents Reunion in California Aug. 10-13.

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