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Read about this month's experiences in Letters Home.
Introducing our new little grandson, Brady!  Only 3 months old, we haven't even met him yet.  What a cutie-pie!  Can't wait to go home at Christmas time and gobble him up!



We were so thrilled that Mark and Darlene came to Ibiza to spend a few days at Hacienda Na Xamena, a fabulous hotel high on the hill above our anchorage.  We had so much fun with them!  We toured the island together and made plans for future visits, which we truly hope will happen.  Darlene is one of my dearest friends, and Mark is such a great guy.  Their visit was one of the highlights of our summer.
Our friends Alan and Joan on s/v Moonstruck told us about a 'secret harbor' on Ibiza.  It was surrounded by red cliffs and little fishing huts, just like they said.  They failed to tell us that it is also a favorite spot for totally nude sunbathing!  The bodies were young and perfect, so Mike didn't get any projects done on the boat today.
The weather was beginning to turn on us, so we set out a few days early to cross back over to Spain.  We had a terrible 30-hour overnight voyage to Barcelona with steep choppy seas, high winds, rain and lightning.  I hated it and was so glad to get settled into our berth at Port Vell in Barcelona.

This next 6 months is going to be SO different.  This is a big city and we are in the heart of it.  We arrived in the middle of a big festival that's going on right next to the marina with lots of music, noise, and energy.  I know we will have many new and wonderful experiences, but I'm already missing the peace and quiet of being at anchor.


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